Our People

Member Leaders

This is a list of leaders: Local 943 men and women trained through a formal leadership program in skills that make jobsites more productive, safe, and efficient. Congratulations to these leaders for committing to setting the tone on our jobsites and helping to ensure that our signature deliverables — productivity, skill, and safety — are the results of our work, every day.

300 Hitter

  • Thomas Anderson
  • Sheldon Christie
  • Dwayne Edwards
  • Tyler Ellis
  • John Embry
  • Pablo Escobedo
  • Rope Fanning
  • Marco Gonzales
  • Ryan Griffith
  • Joseph Johnson
  • Garland Masters
  • Donald McFarland
  • Mario Mendez
  • Steven Overbay
  • Charlie Raper
  • Joseph Rigsby
  • Aaron Rowlett
  • Michael Tucker
  • John Vann
  • Brian Venable
  • Ronald Weidman